weird company names in China

Banned : long winded, weird company names in China

Weird company names are banned by the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The 33 new guidelines include a section outlawing overly long-winded names. No longer will company names consist of sentences, paragraphs, or even short novellas. Sounds over the top? Maybe you’re not familiar with the northern Chinese condom company ‘Uncle Niu’. Deep breath. […]

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bra size discount Chinese Restaurant

Ick or slick marketing? Chinese restaurant offers bra size discounts

A Chinese restaurant has gotten in trouble for offering discounts based on bra size. The Qianjiang Evening Post reports local complaints about the above poster for the Trendy Shrimp restaurant. One complaint said it was “vulgar advertising” and “discriminatory towards women”. The posters have already been removed. Trendy Shrimp general manager Lan Shenggang tells it straight […]

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Using your Marketing Budget to specifically target Women? Don’t

According to the latest Fluent Report on Marketing to women, an overwhelming majority prefer gender neutral advertising over advertising specifically aimed at women. Much of the advertising aimed at women is emotional, as in the cases of brands like Hallmark, Pandora, Electrolux and Huggies. Inspiring and/or empowering messages tend to drive campaigns as seen recently […]

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200,000 people will make at least one of these big marketing mistakes

Small business is big news in Ireland. Big, big news. Most businesses in Ireland slot into the category small-to-medium sized enterprises or SME’s. Of these SME’s, 90% are very small indeed, with 1-10 employees. They still employ over half of the country’s population. That’s probably one person to handle billing, accounts, taxes, inventory, audits, government […]

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8 Great Small Business and Startup Marketing Stories You don’t want to miss

Small companies are team, goalie, centre back and centre forward all in one. Here’s how 8 tackled marketing. I’m a sucker for stories about how small and new businesses market themselves. Maybe it’s because they tend to involve the unexpected. Maybe because sometimes, they’re surprisingly moving. Of course, the small business itself will tell you […]

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