Ancient Celtic doggos – Myths, proverbs and laws

Ancient Celtic dogs are in stories and proverbs, protected in laws, and even used to name other animals.   There are nine breeds of dog that are native to Ireland: four terriers, three gun dogs, and two hounds. At least one, the Irish Water Spaniel, legendarily descended from the dobhar-chu-a Celtic spirit. Cú Chulainn is the […]

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Why IMHO is a word, not an acronym

In the internet debate on whether the H in IMHO stands for Honest or Humble, I go with neither. Believe it or not, there’s a poll on Buzzfeed right now and honest is leading humble at about a 60-40 split. Honestly, I have to humbly side with The Atlantic on this one. “We all know […]

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milkshake duck

What is a Milkshake Duck and why is it 2017 word of the year

Milkshake Duck – The phrase so famous you never heard of it. Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary has awarded “milkshake duck” its 2017 word of the year. On June 12, 2016, Australian cartoonist Ben Ward tweeted it to describe our tendency to foist instant celebrity on some person and its inevitable backlash. In Ward’s tweet, the cuddly duck is accused […]

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smart aleck

Call anyone a 19th century pimp lately?

Called someone a smart aleck lately?  Well, you just compared them to a 19th-century pimp. Turns out that Smart Aleck was a real person – and not one you’d like to meet down a dark alley. Or any kind of alley. Missouri professor Gerald Cohen writes that the term is derived from a real-life person. Alexander Hoag was […]

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