KFC Japan Christmas

KFC Japan : The Bald Faced Chicken Lie that Sold Japan on Christmas

Takeshi Okawara, the marketing genius who sold Japan on KFC for Christmas dinner,  recently admitted that it was built on a lie. When KFC Japan was starting from scratch, the national broadcaster NHK asked if fried chicken was really the Western Christmas tradition. Okawara replied “Of course!” He told podcast “Household Name” : “I knew that the […]

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essential websites for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers

67 essential websites for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers

Is there a website that you turn for inspiration, business tips or the latest tech tools and hacks? Ever wondered what websites entrepreneur swear by to save time and refine their skills? Here are 67 websites that entrepreneurs recommend in online forums. Canva, Trello, and Producthunt get a lot of love! The good news is […]

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how to write a product category that doesn't suck

How to write product categories that don’t suck in 6 steps (copy included!)

Here’s a guide to writing e-commerce product category descriptions with a twist. Every single tip is backed up by real e-commerce website copy that I just worked on. Every business relies on words. But how does an e-commerce site get the words right while focusing on suppliers, sales channels, markets, currencies, legal requirements – and […]

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