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I am a freelance content and copywriter based in Ireland specialising in content for growing startup companies and small businesses. You provide the passion for your company or product, I’ll express it in print or on the web. Articles, blog posts, emails, websites, slogans, press releases, we’re up to our eyes in content. My original content writing will showcase your brand and make sure you don’t get lost.

Old Ireland is known as the land of a hundred thousand welcomes – and now the land of a startup revolution. Never has starting a business been so hip.  Congratulations if you’re one of the thousands who has launched her passion project. It’s a very exciting time and you’re working 24 hours non-stop to make your product the best it can be and get it to market as quickly as possible. No matter how amazing your product is, it won’t matter if nobody knows who you are or what you represent.

Undoubtedly, you’ve laughed out loud at the money quoted by the big public relations company or advertising agency. Even hiring a full-time marketing professional is not possible at this stage of your business. But the minimum marketing copy you will need AT THE START includes a company mission statement, a website tagline, an enticing product description and an interesting company story. You know that a website, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook presence are vital but what content are you going to post on social media to get yourself known, liked and shared (assuming you give up sleep to create your amazing content) ? The best-known companies are great at content marketing and SEO copy. How are you going to stand out? You know you are cool, interesting and worthwhile.  Make sure the people who matter for your success recognise it too.

Hire me as your professional freelance writer or copywriter to develop the high-quality persuasive content your business needs and get you to market faster. My background is in Information Technology until I realised that marketing and writing made me a lot happier. But I do speak techie, which makes me a good fit for a more tech-oriented company.


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Words? Words are awesome. Words that are tailor-made for your customer are even more awesome.



Ads? They turn people off. Use social media to showcase content that people want to like and share.



Why Email? It’s only the most cost effective marketing for your brand.



Google much? Get found on Google with content written specifically for customers you want to attract and keep.

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Keith Doyle

CTO / Mozobi Payments.

We are a Fintech startup and I was impressed with the speed and thoroughness with which Siobhan researched and embraced the Fintech world. I can honestly say that Siobhan is one of the most talented marketing writers I have worked with. Her writing is always clear, interesting and conversational, even where the topic is technical or complex. She made our social media come alive and we got more likes and followers than ever before. I totally recommend Siobhan’s copywriting and marketing skills.


Hugh O’Connor

CEO / Book The Kids Party.

Siobhan developed web marketing content for our prior play centre business and our current start-up, ‘www.bookthekidsparty.com’ site. She helped us target existing and new customers with original, imaginative content which substantially increased the traffic to our websites. I would gladly recommend Siobhan for similar projects.

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