What I Offer


A well written, consistent blog gets you more return visitors, more search engine hits, and more first timers surprised and delighted to land on your site. I’ll write posts, help you with your content, and even work as your personal ideas machine.

Email Marketing


Email is still the number 1 channel for generating revenue. But is your email kicking ass and taking names? Whether it’s a newsletter, an auto responder, or a special offer, a good writer will add that essential “zing”.And you may actually start getting more “yes!” with your very next email send.

Social Media Marketing

Are you still winging it on social media? With all the platforms out there battling for our attention, you need a plan that goes beyond throwing up a post when you have a spare minute. I’ll help you plan a strategy. While keeping up on the best memes.




Every business needs a website. Whether taming your current website or creating from scratch, you need words that cut through the B**S***, that sell, and deliver a clear message about who you are.