KFC Japan Christmas

KFC Japan : The Bald Faced Chicken Lie that Sold Japan on Christmas

Takeshi Okawara, the marketing genius who sold Japan on KFC for Christmas dinner,  recently admitted that it was built on a lie. When KFC Japan was starting from scratch, the national broadcaster NHK asked if fried chicken was really the Western Christmas tradition. Okawara replied “Of course!” He told podcast “Household Name” : “I knew that the […]

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Iceland Christmas book catalogue during Christmas Book Flood

Every Christmas Eve, Iceland rides the cosy Christmas Book Flood

In Iceland, you exchange books on Christmas Eve and spend the rest of the night reading. Preferably in bed. With chocolates. Later at Christmas parties, you’ll discuss the Christmas books, while newspapers will gossip about best and worst titles, best covers etc. This cosy tradition is known as “Jólabókaflóðið:” the annual Christmas Book Flood. The two […]

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