Iceland Christmas book catalogue during Christmas Book Flood

Every Christmas Eve, Iceland rides the cosy Christmas Book Flood

In Iceland, you exchange books on Christmas Eve and spend the rest of the night reading. Preferably in bed. With chocolates. Later at Christmas parties, you’ll discuss the Christmas books, while newspapers will gossip about best and worst titles, best covers etc. This cosy tradition is known as “Jólabókaflóðið:” the annual Christmas Book Flood. The two […]

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New Year’s resolution

You will probably break that New Year’s resolution between 6.34pm and 6.52pm today

It’s scientific. via   Top New Year’s resolutions are weight loss, exercise, stopping smoking, better money management, and debt reduction. Food delivery app Deliveroo reveals that every year on January 17, orders for alcohol and sweet treats shoot up. You can set your watch by the time Irish people give in to temptation. Literally. It’s between 6.34pm for the […]

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This program raised kids IQs by 10 points, improved behaviour and diet dramatically

In an amazing program, the IQ scores of the children involved rose by 10 points. The participating 233 families were split into either an intervention or a control group; the mothers were followed from pregnancy until their children were entering primary school. 13% of the intervention group children scored below average for cognitive development at […]

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Learn How to Cook Like an Azeroth Warrior in new World of Warcraft cookbook – coyote tails and spider meat, anyone?

Want to get World Of Warcraft recipes without having to train, find a random vendor or go on a dangerous quest? Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the author of the official Game of Thrones cookbook A Feast of Ice and Fire, has written a cookbook based on and inspired by recipes in the World of Warcraft game. She started writing the cookbook by […]

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