When your business gets a terrible, no good, very bad review

Why, sometimes, a bad review is better!


Your business is your baby.

A bad review on Yelp or Trip Advisor is hard not to take it personally.

Especially when your reviews are mostly awesome.

And that one’s bringing it all down.

You may feel like doing this:


A natural reaction is to sweep a bad review under the carpet.

Some businesses take a very different approach.

They brazenly display the worst reviews:

“Come in and try the worst meatball sandwich according to Ed on Yelp”

“Come and try the worst pizza one guy on Trip Advisor ever had in his life”

One restaurant in San Francisco even based its entire marketing on being the worst reviewed on Yelp.

At worst, people will be amused by your marketing.

They may share the fun with their friends.

At best, they’ll check out your “try the worst” claim.

Once I found one of these “try the worst” signs on the internet, I found loads.

(I smell a meme.)

With this upside-down marketing, the “worst” item often becomes your bestseller.

Maybe this is because people like bragging rights.

Who doesn’t want to try the worst pizza one guy had in his entire life?

Maybe it’s because people aren’t dumb.

They know some angry reviews have less to do with your business than the day the reviewer is having.

Warning: You may find your next review on Trip Advisor says:

Came in expecting the worst pizza one guy on trip advisor ever had. It was delicious! Left disappointed!