one-sentence pitch

The one-sentence pitch : can you explain your startup in one sentence?

Well, this guy nailed it.     Can you describe YOUR startup in one sentence? The one-sentence startup pitch or high concept pitch is easily mocked. In fact, there’s a Facebook group dedicated to doing just that. Members suggest hilarious one-sentence descriptions for real (and how-it-not-a-thing) companies. Most pitches follow the “Tinder for____” formula: A […]

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The key to more creative brainstorming? Embarrass yourself

Want to foster more creative brainstorming?  Embrace your embarrassing side. An experiment looked into whether gr0ups could be pre-loaded for better brainstorming. 93 managers were randomly assigned to three-person teams. Half of the groups were told to share embarrassing stories; half talked about times they had felt pride. Embarrassing Brainstorming No cheating. The anecdotes had to be […]

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