Learn How to Cook Like an Azeroth Warrior in new World of Warcraft cookbook – coyote tails and spider meat, anyone?

Want to get World Of Warcraft recipes without having to train, find a random vendor or go on a dangerous quest?

Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the author of the official Game of Thrones cookbook A Feast of Ice and Fire, has written a cookbook based on and inspired by recipes in the World of Warcraft game.

She started writing the cookbook by asking fans for their must-have dishes.

After that, she had to choose World of Warcraft ingredients. Boar meat and rylak eggs are surprisingly hard to source! Tough questions like ““Do night elves have access to tomatoes? “ had to be tackled ( she decided yes since tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family). She looked to nature for inspiration. “Crunchy Spider Surprise” substitutes an unlucky crab for the crunchy treat.

Luckily for Monroe-Cassel there are only four spider recipes in the game :

Are you still at apprentice skill level at cooking? Never mind. Beer Basted Boar Ribs is just beer-soaked ribs basted with more beer. Add beer. Honey-Spiced Lichen? Easy to make – if you want. It’s leaves with dirt and honey. Add garlic and cayenne pepper. Have more advanced skills in the kitchen? Venture into “Expert” level with DragonBreath Chilli or Sweet Potato Bread.

For those curious about food and beverages in World of Warcraft, thanks to www.engadget.com we have a breakdown of what food and drink are consumed in the game. Players are a protein-loving, beer-swiggin’ lot by the looks of it, and vegetables get the shaft. There are no carrots, onions, spinach to be seen –  not even broccoli!




Monroe-Cassel’s favourite World of Warcraft recipe? Rylak Claws, flaky pastries with a cinnamon-almond filling. Yum.