milkshake duck

What is a Milkshake Duck and why is it 2017 word of the year

Milkshake Duck – The phrase so famous you never heard of it. Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary has awarded “milkshake duck” its 2017 word of the year. On June 12, 2016, Australian cartoonist Ben Ward tweeted it to describe our tendency to foist instant celebrity on some person and its inevitable backlash. In Ward’s tweet, the cuddly duck is accused […]

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New Year’s resolution

You will probably break that New Year’s resolution between 6.34pm and 6.52pm today

It’s scientific. via   Top New Year’s resolutions are weight loss, exercise, stopping smoking, better money management, and debt reduction. Food delivery app Deliveroo reveals that every year on January 17, orders for alcohol and sweet treats shoot up. You can set your watch by the time Irish people give in to temptation. Literally. It’s between 6.34pm for the […]

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smart aleck

Call anyone a 19th century pimp lately?

Called someone a smart aleck lately?  Well, you just compared them to a 19th-century pimp. Turns out that Smart Aleck was a real person – and not one you’d like to meet down a dark alley. Or any kind of alley. Missouri professor Gerald Cohen writes that the term is derived from a real-life person. Alexander Hoag was […]

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one-sentence pitch

The one-sentence pitch : can you explain your startup in one sentence?

Well, this guy nailed it.     Can you describe YOUR startup in one sentence? The one-sentence startup pitch or high concept pitch is easily mocked. In fact, there’s a Facebook group dedicated to doing just that. Members suggest hilarious one-sentence descriptions for real (and how-it-not-a-thing) companies. Most pitches follow the “Tinder for____” formula: A […]

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The key to more creative brainstorming? Embarrass yourself

Want to foster more creative brainstorming?  Embrace your embarrassing side. An experiment looked into whether gr0ups could be pre-loaded for better brainstorming. 93 managers were randomly assigned to three-person teams. Half of the groups were told to share embarrassing stories; half talked about times they had felt pride. Embarrassing Brainstorming No cheating. The anecdotes had to be […]

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