essential websites for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers

67 essential websites for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers

Is there a website that you turn for inspiration, business tips or the latest tech tools and hacks? Ever wondered what websites entrepreneur swear by to save time and refine their skills? Here are 67 websites that entrepreneurs recommend in online forums. Canva, Trello, and Producthunt get a lot of love! The good news is […]

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Proven figures that Ireland is becoming a tech, healthcare and recruitment hub – and Irish people are returning home for it

Recent figures from LinkedIn shows that Ireland is successfully luring talented professionals, especially software (up 36%), healthcare (up 20%) and recruitment professionals (up 14%). More Irish people are defining themselves as entrepreneurs (up 80%) and sole traders (up 23.8%) while the number of small and medium size businesses is up nearly 12%. “The really interesting […]

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Web Summit Dublin 2915

Starting a business? Great advice from Commissioner, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist

A Commissioner for Start-Ups, an Entrepreneur and an Venture Capitalist walk into a web summit…and give some great analysis of the Irish environment for new businesses.  Okay not so funny, but Niamh Bushnell, Brian Caulfield and Noel Ruane were insightful, down-to-earth and ,yes, entertaining in the start-up panel of the 2015 Web Summit 2015 last […]

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