essential websites for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers

67 essential websites for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers

Is there a website that you turn for inspiration, business tips or the latest tech tools and hacks? Ever wondered what websites entrepreneur swear by to save time and refine their skills? Here are 67 websites that entrepreneurs recommend in online forums. Canva, Trello, and Producthunt get a lot of love! The good news is […]

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bad meetings

Why am I here? The true cost of bad meetings

Bad Meetings. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos banned PowerPoint presentations from ‘em; Elon Musk has famously encouraged walkouts. The bane of many lives. As the saying goes:  minutes are kept in meetings but hours are lost. Workers on average waste 61% of their time coordinating their work in meetings, email, and chat rather than actually doing […]

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Take business to the next level : Surefire Startup Seminars, Networking Events, Tech expos and Business Conferences

Another day, another Summit, right? Or networking event. Or business conference.  Or bootcamp. Sometimes, we only hear about these events afterward. And think .. I might have learned something new, or met someone who could transform my business. And sometimes it feels good just to get another perspective and realise you’re not alone. But you didn’t […]

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