The typical software developer doesn’t have a computer science degree and other surprising facts

Developers, check out 3 things in the infographic that will make you more money.

The typical software developer was born the same year as the megabit chip (1986). He – and it almost always is a he – has less than 10 years experience in the field. But he does spend about 7 hours a week outside the office on his hobby.

It’s official – most developers prefer tabs to spaces. But a trend emerges: Developers increasingly prefer spaces as they gain experience. Git is the preferred source control by far. But 10% of developers still don’t use source control!

If you are a software developer, you are very likely to have a job. Luckily, most (76%) report being at least satisfied with their job, and 36% love their job.

Niche or emerging technologies pay big bucks.

If you wondered where can an average developer can live the best, the answer is the Ukraine.

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