An AI beats humans at naming craft beer

A neural network system has learned to name craft beer from a huge dataset extracted from


Credit: Lewis and Quark


Researcher and electrical engineer Janelle Shane has already trained AI to name kittens, metal bands, Pokemon, paint colors, and more.

The AI-generated craft beer names vary from likely, to weirdly impressive, to bet-level eccentric.

Here are some of my favorites:


Bigly Bomb Session IPA
Binglezard Flack
Heart Compost
Test Tha IPA

The Great Rebelgion
Devil’s Chard
The Oldumbrett’s Ring
Amber Ales

Fire Pipe
Ole Blood Whisk
Frog Trail Ale

Barrel Aged Chocolate Milksmoke
Shock State


Strong Pale Ales (Doubles, Triples, etc)

The Great Rebelgion
Trippel Lock
Thick Back
The Fraggerbar

Third Maus
Sip’s The Stunks Belgian Tripel
Third Danger

Track Of The Wind
Devil’s Chard
Spore Of Gold
The Actoompe

Brother Panty Tripel
The Oldumbrett’s Ring
Gunder Of Traz
Cherry Boof Cornester


Amber Ales

Snarging Red
Warmel Halce’s Comput Ale
Fire Pipe

La Cat Tas Oo Ma Ale
Ole Blood Whisk
Frog Trail Ale
Ricias Donkey Brain

Sacky Rover
Gate Rooster
O’Busty Irish Red

Helusto’s Humpin’ Red
The Hunty
Rickin Organic Red Deaath
River Smush Hoppy Amber Ale



I The Moon
The Bopberry Stout
Cherry Coconut Mint Chocolate Stout
Black Morning
Sir Coffee

Shock State
Take Bean
Single Horde
Whata Stout

Shany Lace
Black Sink Stout
Barrel Aged Chocolate Milksmoke

Morning Dave – Vanilla Coffee Stout
Dark Thomblan
Jrankers Java Stout

Besides being fun, an AI naming beers could actually be useful. Brewers are running out of names. Click To Tweet

NPR reports that companies are getting into legal battles over beer names, or at least into Twitter fights.

Meanwhile, a pint of that Thrennt Rem Wine Barrel Aged Monkay Tripel, my good man.


You can find more AI grog over at Shane’s blog, and you can also hand over your email address for a PDF with 100 more great names.