Payments Cards Most Likely to Succeed, class of 2015




Will you be signing the Cards and Payments Yearbook this year?  At 1,034 pages for volume one alone, let Mozobi Payments do the hard work for you and lay out some of the award winners from our hardworking class of Payments 2015-2026.

         Most Popular

  • Card payments continued to grow by volume and value between 2009 and 2014.

         Most Likely to Succeed

  • The Contactless cards and payments are the cool kids in Europe and made great leaps from 2014. There’s been plenty of “wow” moments, with 1 contactless payment in Ireland and 10 in the United Kingdom recorded per second.

         Most Established

  • The number of ATM terminals installed and cash withdrawals by volume and by value continued to decline in many European countries.  As at the end of 2014, 20 countries reported declining ATM numbers, including Cyprus (-29.4%), Belgium (-26.9%) and Estonia (-12.5%). In 2014, ATM density varies widely in Europe from as low as 333 in Sweden to a high density of 1,410 in Portugal.

         Most Likely to Rule

  • 95.7% of all domestic POS payments on cards in Europe are now EMV transactions (Chip and Pin).

         Most Likely to Travel the World

  • The rapid roll-out of contactless Point Of Sale terminals continued as did tablet-based mobile POS solutions.

         Most Futuristic

  • More Pilots of card-less ATM withdrawals initiated using mobile banking apps or biometric authentication.  From Bank of America and Citi to  Moldindconbank (Bank of Moldova), banks are piloting versions of screen-less, card-less, pinpad-free ATMs that replace cards with mobile phones and allow authentication by NFC, QR or iris scan.

         Most Likely to Be in Your Pocket

  • Digital payments are continuing to grow, spurred by the launch of digital wallets, such as MasterPass, ApplePay and AndroidPay, and mobile HCE NFC payment pilots combining card credentials stored in the cloud with tokenisation.

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