Facebook thinks I’m a single 26 year old man – what’s your Facebook personality ?

Using a recent tool called “Apply Special Sauce”, Cambridge University invites you to submit your Facebook likes to their on-line personality prediction engine. It then guesses things like your gender, age, political inclination and intelligence. As your digital marketing analyst, this diginuggeteer volunteered herself to see what digital signals we leave about ourselves without even knowing.

Choose your Facebook profile and the results are back immediately. The probability is 55% that I a single male. I am definitively 26 years old (no percentage there) and more laid back and relaxed than 62% of the population. This seems to working in my favour since I am more satisfied with life than 49% of the population. I don’t care about that though, since I am more intelligent than 51% of them. This may be my competitive side talking though since I am more competitive than 58% of my peers!


Sorry Apply Apple Sauce, I am not single, male or 26, though I have been told I’m laid back and relaxed. Looking at the results alongside, it seems that computer models often guess personality correctly, scoring just under spouses. The fault may be mine. While I can’t resist this sort of personality test, my infrequency and inconsistency on Facebook may make me the worst test subject ever. Not good for companies who want to use this app to win me as a customer. Want to see Apply Apple Sauce can “get” you, try http://applymagicsauce.com/test.html

Let us know how you get on. Is Apply Apple Sauce on the money or horribly wrong?