This is how you market a tiny ginger Scottish drink

Irn Bru is the world’s most popular soft drink (that isn’t Coca-Cola). Irn Bru showed its true-blue Scottishness by tweeting a cheeky graphic of the global dominance of Coca-Cola. Scotland is the blue bit – favouring home-grown fizzy ginger Irn-Bru. One (very Scottish) explanation is that : Irn-bru uses a colouring called ‘sunset yellow’ that is […]

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“Company selfies racist tattoo while smoking” – How to manage online reputation

If your company is ignoring what people are posting, tweeting and commenting online, you are risking more than an embarrassing selfie on Facebook. You may be surprised to find that people are forming opinions of your business based on social media chatter. If so, you’re not alone. One third of Irish companies are ignoring their […]

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Periscope image

Periscope, it’s just…stuff

Periscope, it’s just…. stuff. by Siobhan O’Shea So says my 6 year-old digital native, when there weren’t enough people “doing crazy things” on the live streaming app. And she’s right. It is mainly just stuff. Stuff like people displaying the contents of their fridges. Gwyneth Paltrow’s fridge, if you’re interested, contains a stick of celery […]

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