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15 Apr

Positively Mental – 17 year old launches a Mental Wellbeing Startup


17 year-old James Corneille aims to lower stress and boost happiness with his startup idea.

It’s a “positivity” pack that you can buy for yourself or a friend. If it’s for a friend, you can add a personal note.

“There’s bubble wrap, a notebook and pencil, smiley stickers, a destress guide, a custom message so you can send the pack anonymously if you wish, teabags, sweets, balloons, a happy music playlist and a ‘be happy’ reminder that you can just put in your wallet or give to a friend,” he told Rebecca Maher of “The Irish Examiner”.

The pack could be for anyone just needing a pick-me-up or feeling very stressed from exams or work. This project is seriously nice, so no wonder that James has already won three awards and been recognised by Enterprise Ireland and Silicon Republic. He’s also done really well on Twitter.

Hearing about a 17 year old launching a startup make you feel blue? Get this – this isn’t the first startup he’s founded. Now where will I send the pack?

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