Love Christmas? 8,000 Metres of Christmas in Adare

Just outside of Adare, you will find 8,000 metres of Christmas. This wonderland is called Adare Creamery and it contains everything you could possibly want from Christmas. You can expect not only beautiful decorations and trees all lovingly created by the Adare family but also a warm welcome from a business that goes out of its way to make visitors feel “We had a lovely time”. As the sign in the quaint Creamery Cafe encourages “No Wi-Fi here, talk to each other”.

Christmas is the peak of the retail year for Adare Creamery. All of their 3 Mozobi card payments terminals were in action when I visited. As Bernard, the owner-proprietor of Adare Creamery, tells me “In the past we had one machine simply for economic reasons and we had people running around the place..With Mozobi the number of terminals become irrelevant. If you were a Mozobi customer you could have 50 or 100 or 2..” Mozobi Payments provides as many terminals as a retailer needs under one account. There is no extra account setup for additional terminals.

Like any successful small to medium sized business, Adare Creamery has to be inventive and adapts to whatever is happening. In Summer, they make home-made fudge and ice-cream, while Halloween is becoming a bigger event for the business. What is even more impressive is that this is a family concern where Bernard and his wife and their son and daughter do most of the work themselves. Some of their employees have been there 10 years. With this busy and fast-changing environment, Bernard is happy that Mozobi Payments is “very accessible” as he says whenever there is an issue. He gets a quick response from someone at Mozobi who provides a solution to any payments-related problem.

Bernard has been a close, personal friend of Santa for 12 or 13 years. He told that one lady recently asked Santa how long he had been there. “Thousands of years” he answered in a booming voice. “No, really, how long?” She insisted. Because she had been to that very Santa as a child. No wonder that families return, since any child who visits Santa at Adare Creamery will be amazed to find that Santa knows a lot about him or her. He will know his or her friends, teachers, what happened during the year.

If you plan on your children visiting Santa at Adare Creamery, you will need to book online during September. As Bernard says, making a proper appointment avoids queues, upset kids and stressed parents! Be aware that the Santa visits are all booked out in about 2 weeks. I recommend visiting Adare Creamery if you are feeling a bit uninspired about decorating or present giving at Christmas. You will leave with bags full of Christmas spirit, and a full stomach from the cafe’s deservedly famous afternoon teas.