This exercise bike only lets you Netflix and Chill if you’re working up a sweat

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Ronan Byrne designed the Cycflix, a stationary bike that streams Netflix but stops the stream if the cyclist stops pedaling.

Byrne plugs his stationary bike into his computer where he sets his goals.

That’s how fast, how long, and how many sets he plans to do.

Once he starts a Netflix binge, a pop-up reminds him to start working out.

If he starts flagging, the program reminds him of his goal.

Then it pauses the video to wait for him to catch up.

In his instructions, Byrne wrote that he’d crafted the machine to:

“to help me learn some python [a type of programming language] and maybe (a big maybe) get me using the exercise bike.”

Check out Byrne’s video of his creation:

While not commercially available, you can follow his instruction for the Cyflix on Instructables if you want to create one yourself.

It’s either genius motivation (just one more episode!)  or torture.

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