How It Works

My Copywriting Process

What I do

Four steps



Whatever writing service you require, I need to know your business and your customers. My research may include : customer surveys or interviews, online forums and reviews, competitors, industry publications, and white papers. The result for you is a genuine online tone of voice.



Organise that information into magic bullet points. They'll cover things like description, purpose, price, features, benefits, objective, offer, and deadline. They're fantastic for sales copy since they avoid the mortal copywriting sin of boring your customers!



I spend a lot of time on creating headlines and subheads, because they draw the reader in. This is where I stash the CTA or call to action. Compelling copy from yours truly coaxes that purchase, sign up, or click.



Editing or ruthless assassin mode. I ask questions like: Does the headline grab attention? Is each sentence adding to the message? Is the CTA clear? Am I using real facts? Is the grammar and spelling error-free? Until the answer to all of these is yes, it's chop-chop-chop.




A well written, consistent blog gets you more return visitors, more search engine hits, and more first timers surprised and delighted to land on your site.

But here’s the thing. You’re busy. And until the whole cloning thing happens, you’re going to need a good writer.

That writer will draft posts, organise an editorial calendar, and even work as your personal ideas machine.

To make things really easy, I offer several blogs packages. Simply choose one, and never have to worry about blog content again.

495per month
  • Research blog post every other week.
  • 1,600-2000 words a month.
  • Includes freely-sourced imagery with posts
970per month
  • Weekly, researched blog posts.
  • 3,000 - 4,000 words a month.
  • Includes freely-sourced imagery with posts.
1,750per month
  • Twice a week, researched blog posts.
  • 6,000 - 8,000 words a month.
  • Includes freely-sourced imagery with posts


Email Marketing


The death of email has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, it’s still the number 1 channel for generating revenue.

But is your email kicking ass and taking names?

Whether it’s a newsletters, an auto responder, or a special offer, a good writer will add that essential “zing”.

And you may actually start getting more “yeses” with your very next email send.


Social Media Marketing

Are you winging it on social media?

With all the platforms out there battling for our attention, you need a plan that goes beyond throwing up a post when you have a spare minute.

You need a writer who’ll help you plan a strategy. While keeping up on the best memes.







Every business needs a website. Whether taming your current website or creating from scratch, you need words that cut through the B**S***, that sell, and deliver a clear message about who you are. Getting an entire website written or rewritten can be daunting (read: terrifying). My solution : I provide an initial statement of work. This outlines exactly what I’m to do and by what deadline. We both sign it. This way, we avoid your project dragging on for too long AND ensure you get what you want.