Here’s why you need awesome copywriting for email marketing


Get off the block, use email copywriting and get a Return on Investment of 4,300%

What the What?

No, you saw correctly, according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%. So if you aren’t using email for advertisements, follow-ups, special offers or newsletters, why aren’t you?

Can’t anyone just write an email?

Yes, I know you’ve been writing emails for years, including probably business emails. Email copywriting is probably the one aspect of actually DOING email marketing that people either waste too much time on or neglect altogether. Creating emails that engage, connect and generate actual results is a skill. The writer has to craft a killer subject line and a relevant, personal message in very few lines WHILE avoiding spamming or – horrors – deletion. Better call the copywriter!

Email jokes are great and all but drop me a line to discover what email can do for you