Here’s why you need awesome copywriting services for your website

What is copywriting?

Here’s a definition of copyrighting that always makes me smile.

Why do I need a copywriter?

  • Do you really have time to do everything? Hint : you don’t. Spend your time actually running your company instead of agonising over the perfect word or sentence. Or what a gerund is. That’s the copywriter’s job.
  • Copywriting isn’t just spelling – it’s selling (see what I did there?). A good copywriter is persuading as well as describing. For example, as well as writing about how great your widget is, the content writer will write about how your widget will make your customer’s life even more awesome.
  • Good copy can make you money, it’s a proven fact. A well written piece that makes readers want your product is worth its weight in gold (or nearly) AND makes you stand out from the competition.
  • Copywriting doesn’t have to be expensive. Use a Freelancer, we work for love and coffee. Well, not exactly, but we are a lot cheaper and more approachable than a big marketing agency or P.R. company
  • A good copywriter sees your product from the point of view of the customer, not yours. Believe it or not, that’s what you want. You know all the technical details of how your widget works and you’d naturally love to share this with the world. A copywriter can break down a complex process in a lighter and non-technical way that people will understand.

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